What color is your Myrmidon II: Taste the rainbow

I’ve had a few requests for more colors, so here they are. I figured out a better way to get the colors to work in Photoshop that isn’t quite as haphazard and gives me more color control. I might even tackle the trooper models and a light next. We shall see.


6 Responses to What color is your Myrmidon II: Taste the rainbow

  1. Elliott says:

    My favorite is definitely the tan. The off-white, but brown so as not to step on Menoth’s toes, is a really good look. Earthy, but keeps some of the alienness of the Myrmidons.

    If there are any more rounds of color-making, could you try out a mahogany and brass look? If that’s even possible? Pretty please?

    • bobaferret says:

      I’ll see what I can do. I’m toying with masking the metallics so I can change color there too.

      I’m really leaning toward tan with bright pink. We’ll see.

    • Docbungle says:

      Liking the tan as well, sort helps them look more advanced than normal jacks but that they are actually alot more organic. Bit like someone bought Baldur some sandpaper 🙂

  2. Aaron says:

    I’m surprised, but I really like the tan, pink, and dark blues.

    What’s most intriguing to me about Retribution, from a painting perspective, is just how many large, open spaces there are on the Myrmidons. It’s going to require a lot of creativity to make that work. I’m considering buying a model or unit and testing a lacquered red look – something like the Imperial Royal Guard from Star Wars. High-gloss to make it really look like these dudes are out for blood.

    I had thought about trying a black lacquered look, too – think, Tie Fighter Pilot – but I’m worried that will make them look too MacBook Pro-ish. Don’t want these to look like they should be defending an Apple store.


  3. Jyggdrasil says:

    I have a local that is planning to do his in bronze and verdigris. Basically, he wants his myrmidons to look like they’ve been bronze statues standing out in the weather guarding temples etc for centuries.

  4. HuronBH says:

    Hey, looking good. Personally I am going to be adding a bit more texture in the form of scribed in armor plating seams and then paint them Copper and Dark Green. Great Photoshop work, very clean.


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