The quiet blogger, shows off his Distractions

Well I have been distracted from most of my work (by actual job, raising my 1 year old daughter, and vacations), like on the Paint Pink project, but I got an update done there now too, so check it out.

I have also not really wanted to paint my army minis but I should be changing that too, but for the past month or two I have been working on this stuff.  My photos are slightly back logged and I hope to work updated photos in too.

Anyway my distracted projects have been GW related, while the Imperial Fists have taken more of my attention.  I also have some Lizardmen done up and the Space marines, I must hate myself, painting yellow, but at least it is not red and white, which is much more difficult to pull correctly, that and I sped up my yellow work.

I have so many projects working sometimes I feel like I need a vacation from everything and have it be just me, my paints, and a huge DVD collection so I can get it all done, but hey that’s the hobby right? Never enough time.


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