Two days in a row….

I did post a version of this on the Privateer Press forums. I figure it wouldn’t hurt to get something else up here on GhettoKore, since my summer job seems to be slacking (the pay kinda sucks, but I am having fun).

As part of a wedding gift a few months back, I offered to paint the groom’s Mariner, which he recieved as 1/2 of a wedding gift. The other half was a Shadowhorn for the bride. Jen already posted pics of El Cabra Loco, so I figured I should follow suit, and since the pics have been uploaded to the computer after staying in the camera for a few weeks, I think the “seasoning” time has been long enough.

My instructions were to paint the Mariner anything but red. The couple has “verdi” in their name, the Mariner is a nautical ‘jack red for Port, green for Starboard…  so green it was. Being nautical also meant a decent amount of brass, and maybe some tarnish. Being a sailor at one time, I know good sailors don’t let their vessels fall into bad repair, even if they are pirates. Bad repair means it will not work when you need it to. Also, one of the groom’s favorite ‘casters in Broadsides Bart. How could I not follow this through?

Without further ado:

Mariner, ForwardMariner, Port

Mariner, AftMariner, Starboard

It was a lot of fun to paint, and makes me wonder why so many of my own ‘jacks are not painted.

The story does have a happy ending, as the groom was pleased with his new Mariner.

Thanks for checking in-



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