Something just for fun

Once in a while it is nice to get back into the painting groove and do something for fun, or for an LGS painting contest. The theme for August is “Rhymes with Orange.” Yeah, OK. I have had my eye on the Reaper Skydiver for a while, and along with finishing the Farrow Bone Grinders (Hordes Minions- Privateer Press) recently, I sat down and finished this fairly simple model in a relatively short amount of time.

Just for fun, and to see how fast I can paint.

free fall

free fall


better shot of the base


Head on, I think I even got the eyes right...

The base was a lot of fun to do. I had many suggestions from friends and onlookers. Thanks guys… This way seemed the most rational, and having never jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, pure imagination as far as what one would see doing such a thing.

Thanks for checking in-



2 Responses to Something just for fun

  1. bobaferret says:

    Top-down view is full of win.

    I guess I should finish my entry for August…

  2. Scott says:

    That gives us 3 for the contest I can at least place 3rd….

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