Well the back half of the year was rocky for just about everyone I know.   And to top off all of the chaos there is another cool tournament about to be ran at All About Games on the 24th of this month.  I am hoping to go, and am preparing for it, test playing models and getting used to mk 2 rules, which the tournament will be ran under.

The tournament goes from 25pts, to 35pts to 50pts, which is way cool.  Now thne my thoughts on it as an experience.  There might be someone screaming that the timed turns is not fair, which I know I will laugh my ass off if it does happen.  I have handled tournies where timed turns were strictly inforced(PAX) and it didn’t bother me, so I got no problems there.  Then there is my list, which will be very fun to run, I test played a rendition or two a few times and i hope to get more in, but every now and then a small voice chimes in, “can you win?”  I hate this voice, and it crops up cause there seems to be a bit of a reputation(not sure if that is the word i wanna use) of a few players as being considered top players.  I am sure I am fairly sure I am near the tip top of this list, and this bothers me a bit.  Yes I run tactics in my head, I think about the play during my opponents turn, so yes my turns go extremely fast.  Yes I play fearlessly, there is only one list I have evered feared, and still do, I will try and defeat any list, sometimes though my road is a rocky one.  Yes, my win loss record in most gaming is skewed to the W side.  BUT! I really want my little voice that gets geared up for slaughtering to shut up, this game is about having fun and mk2 even doubly so.  I need to stop worrying in my plans if I can go to the champ round and take it, well until I end up in the champ round anyway.  The BCB tourney I had a wonderful time playing and sitting at the tourney feeling smug with myself, so I think I will indeed run the lists I want to, because I want to, now then yes it is a solid list, I think anyway, and different.

I see no worries in slinging out my 50 pt list for the tourney;


2 hydras


kittens w/soulless(he might go with the halberdiers)


10 halberdier w/ ua w/soulless

2 arcanist

3 magisters

Tier 3 Rahn gives me an extra magister per kitten unit(I only want 3), a free arcanist(I like this, with WJ, I getta use 57pts), and advance move on, if memory serves correctly the magisters and the kittens.  Tons of fun in my book, and it is different from what I normally play.

Onto even more Resurgence for me, my painting.  While my Trib forces is getting the speed treatment, everyone at the store loves their look.  I attribute this to the cool bases I bought from Dragonforge, but they love the painting.  I go over the list and I think by the 24th I can be fully painted for the tourney.

I need to paint

1 hydra(he needs white, purple and cleanup to be done)

1 magister(partially assembled)

1 kitten unit

10 halberdiers with ua(they are either not released or not assembled)

not a lot but it has been hard to find time to paint, plus I have commission work<gasp> its been a while since I did that too.

we’ll see what happens


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