Shattered Grounds

So I received an email from the LGS owner about April’s releases from Privateer Press. Buried near the end of the newsletter, there was information about the new Warmachine and Hordes league…

The next advancement in WARMACHINE and HORDES leagues is mobilizing for action! The Shattered Grounds league throws players right into the trenches of the Iron Kingdoms with a wholly immersive experience as they fight for the glory of their faction. Each tour will focus on a specific location in the Iron Kingdoms that players worldwide will battle to control. The next stage of the war has come to western Immoren. Join the fight and determine the fate of the Iron Kingdoms with Shattered Ground League events! The Nightfall tour takes place in the Nightmare Kingdom of Cryx as the nations of the Iron Kingdoms fight for control of the Scharde Islands.

This kit contains 1 champion coin, 2 commendation stamps for use with 2010 WARMACHINE and HORDES Battle Journals (ink pad not included), and 12 scorecards.

The first tour begins on April 5th and runs for three weeks, ending on April 25th.

This one sounds pretty interesting. Can’t wait to see more details.


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