Resurgence update

Well I got one day to go officially, and I am waiting for inks to dry on the halberds(berds from here on out).  I still need to do the flesh, the white enamel armor and the base markers for all 12 berds.  And guess what I will have completed the challenge I placed for myself.

The commission work was turned in with rave success.  It felt good to turn it i nand wow the customer again.  I will be getting with the same customer to paint another malifaux army in Feburary, mainly due to the lack of ability the rest of this month.

I also got quite a bit more Trib done than  Ichallenged, I had time and want to pait while waiting for the berds and kittens to be assembled, so  ialso got done a Gorgon and 2 scyirs, as well as 2 ghost snipers

Here is a teaser pic of the trib, I know i should post all of the models, but I want the complete project plus total collection shot.  Which I hope to take on Sunday, and “maybe” get a pic of the first Trib coin in Boise, under my possession.  I know I said I wouldn’t get competetive and I haven’t, I am still playing what I want, what will be fun, and hope to have a good time there Sunday, but it would be cool.

oh okay a few more pics

I forgot I got the Stormfall archers painted, my other two soulless, and lanyssa ryssell, with the competed berds i have three full trays painted, with 3 more to go.  I mainly need to paint, nayl, 2 mage hunter assassins, 2 mage hunter strikeforce with uas, invictors with ua, Epic Eiryss.  I think the invictors and the assassin solos get the brush next.


2 Responses to Resurgence update

  1. LazyPeon says:

    I really like the purple on dark metal that you’ve used for the scyirs. How did you get the washed/weathered tone for it?

    Also, what did you use as the bases?

  2. Kater says:

    The bases are bought from Dragonforge. For the metal i just took cold steel from the P3 lines and used badab black wash, straight, and a bit heavy.

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