Lending a hand

February 24, 2010

A friend posted a link on Facebook late Tuesday night that reminded me why I love the Warmachine/Privateer Press community.

I’ve met several people through the Intarblagnet I consider good friends as a result of Warmachine and Privateer Press — I’ve met some of you in person and still need to meet the rest of you. My standing as a member of the Press Gang and my ability to travel last year allowed me to meet some of the fantastic folks at Privateer Press who make the game many of us love.

Chris Walton didn’t ask me to write this post, he won’t know it exists until I send him the link. Tuesday night, he posted a link to his deviantART journal explaining a near-tragic event for his girlfriend’s two cats. Read his journal, and then go bid on this:

Not Everyone Dies by Chris Walton

"Not Everyone Dies" — original artwork by Chris Walton from No Quarter Magazine #28.

Link to the auction is here.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see some of Chris’ original work up close and personal. He does a fantastic job, and the art he did for the Butcher story is stunning.

I know that I have a special place in my heart for Chris after he donated the artwork for the Breast Cancer Brawl: Boise T-shirts and sent several pieces of concept art for us to use as prizes.

If you’re able, bid on the artwork. If you can’t, you can donate directly to the cause via Paypal by sending money to sizzlesays at gmail dot com.

Thanks for reading.


BirthdayMachine and more

February 4, 2010

Well Resurgence came and went, and I needed to leave the tourney right after I won my last game due to the tournament running 5 rounds, so no pics.  I hope to rectify this soon.  Resurgence was cool, so first an additional thank you to bobaferret and All About Games for running it.  I altered my lis tslightly and fit i na second phoenix at the 50pt lvl.  Throughout the play testing and further talking with Gdaybloke and Tamwulf I figured instead of packing a soulless on a unit that might not need them, I used it up for 2nd arc node on Rahn, and it was needed, it drew fire all tournament so the hydra could snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.  I will shorthand the battle reports,

Rd 1 vs Butcher, I won by scenario 9pts to 3pts, the kittens were the MVPs, had loads of fun, on four occasions that the two of us both made it to the same tournament, we have faced off in the first round.

Rd 2 vs Siege, my opponent failed his assassination run, so I made him die with my Feat, but i barely did enough damage to win it.  Mittens won the day for me here, was more fun than I thought.

Rd 3 vx Reznik, my opponent played beautifully and almost tabled me, still had fun

Rd 4 vs Siege again, different opponent that left siege open, and lef tthe hydra alive with 1pt in his cortex, so arcanist repaired it and blammo.

Rd 5 vs Ashlynn, before this round started there was an “incident” which took all fun out of the rest of the day, and I will say no mores.  My opponent didn’t know about Rahns slam spell, so he did lots of harm, but did not kill Ashlynn, so Hydra waltzs up, plants one in her face, rolls 3 1’s. We figured it had ended so were shaking hands, looked at the dice, did math, the math again, and then…..wait for it…..it was barely enough to kill her.

Tier 3 Rahn is lots of fun, it lacks some hard punc hand my list lacked a lot of range, but I am not fond of the riflemen so I went without it.  I took 5th place overall and got the First trib coin in Boise(I had to beat 3 other players).

Then the following week my birthday rolled around, followed quickly by Bobaferrets(the next day).  I had to scrap my original birthday plans, which was templecon, but Bobaferret asked if  Iknew my schedule for our birthdays, she concocted dinner and gaming after hours at the store, by invite only.  There was a prerelease that day so we switched to Fluffy’s house where I decided on my “caster of the month” for trib.  It just works out.

Garryth, the mystery of Trib.

I loved his concept art, loved his model, read his rules and got a little bit stumped.  He needs to be delivered to the caster, so it all depends on the list you take. Oi! I got work ahead of me.  Talk it over with Tamwulf and build a list for Birthdaymachine.  Which was an entire night of good friends, some drinking, and lots of playing games.  It was extra special for me cause I normally do not have a lot of people at my birthday, and  Ialso did not have to work that day.

First game vs. Magnus Tier 4(I fear this list with the riflemen that got shown on Privateers main site)

We go down to almost the model, Garryth wins.  I took a list of light myrmidons only, i missed the heavies.  I also took sentinels, and giggles a lot, with mirage and vengeance they have supreme utility.  What I can do with is Vengeance triggers, they move 3, kill something or hit it.  Mirage closer to the next target or back up and get the charge on their activation, giving a spd 5 unit the utility of moving up to 10-13 inches with reach.

Second game vs Nemo.  Had fun, but was a mismatch, all of my stealth guys could be seen by most of the army.  In one well played turn I lost my entire army aside from Garryth and the two heavies I took.  It comes down to Garryths feat, my upcoming last turn.  his Stormclad attacks and gets the hit, Garryth died.  Ah well learned a lot and had fun.

Game 3 vs Ravyn, gasp faction on faction, alright guys get out the paint ball guns, nerf swords and cardboard blades for the myrmidons, time to simulate death and destruction.  I got to learn, and help a newer player learn at the same time.  So  I stumbled close to the right list, of Garryth, Manticore, Full Sentinels, w/ UA, marshalling a Griffon, 2 Assassins, 2 Snipers, 1 Arcanist, and Stormfall archers and Narn.  35pts  close.  I am working on a few new options, with sepcial thanks to Gdaybloke, Tamwulf, Bobaferret, and BrotherScott.   So I must spend the month working o nthis guy and probably take him to the next tournament.  And I have the painting competition peice to work on, and then Gdaybloke has me working on a project for him.

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