Lending a hand

A friend posted a link on Facebook late Tuesday night that reminded me why I love the Warmachine/Privateer Press community.

I’ve met several people through the Intarblagnet I consider good friends as a result of Warmachine and Privateer Press — I’ve met some of you in person and still need to meet the rest of you. My standing as a member of the Press Gang and my ability to travel last year allowed me to meet some of the fantastic folks at Privateer Press who make the game many of us love.

Chris Walton didn’t ask me to write this post, he won’t know it exists until I send him the link. Tuesday night, he posted a link to his deviantART journal explaining a near-tragic event for his girlfriend’s two cats. Read his journal, and then go bid on this:

Not Everyone Dies by Chris Walton

"Not Everyone Dies" — original artwork by Chris Walton from No Quarter Magazine #28.

Link to the auction is here.

I’ve been fortunate enough to see some of Chris’ original work up close and personal. He does a fantastic job, and the art he did for the Butcher story is stunning.

I know that I have a special place in my heart for Chris after he donated the artwork for the Breast Cancer Brawl: Boise T-shirts and sent several pieces of concept art for us to use as prizes.

If you’re able, bid on the artwork. If you can’t, you can donate directly to the cause via Paypal by sending money to sizzlesays at gmail dot com.

Thanks for reading.


2 Responses to Lending a hand

  1. gdaybloke says:

    I hate Butcher… but I like Chris Walton art…

    I’m so conflicted!!!

  2. Jyggdrasil says:

    Bah, Humbug! They never should have published a ‘the Butcher lives’ story. His ending in Legends was perfect.

    …nice art though 🙂

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