Highlander 2010, Tourney Report

Today was a Highlander tournament at our LGS, All About Games.  PG Bobaferret ran it with help from PG BrotherScott and some set up assists from Cantlon.  Highlander lists are set up to be 1 caster/warlock, 1 warjack/warbeast, 1 unit with all attachments allowed, and 1 solo.  Any extra points are lost, and the point total is 15.  We also had an Aprils Fool twist where we drew a single spell from a deck and that spell was now added to our spell list.  Every new game, we got a new spell, no repeats or duplicates allowed.  The spells came from Prime casters and Gorten, Magnus and Ashlynn.  All rules were altered to apply to our models.  This was a cool and chaotic format.  I couldn’t decide o na list or faction, but finally settled on Khador, a new faction for me.  I also could not decide the caster it was either Strakhov or Butcher.  I settled for Butcher because I was feeling fairly tired, and Butcher is simple, devastating and resilient.  We also ran Steamroller 2010 format which was new…control zones are important, and i didn’t pack much for control, aside from kill the other guys’ dudes.

I took:

Butcher +6


War Dog   1

Kayazy Assasins, full 8

Kayazy Assasin Underboss 2


I looked around the room, saw plenty of friends, a lot of guys i knew and some i didn’t.  I believe we had 18 players, technically 19, but PG BrotherScott dropped to assist and keep the number even.

Round 1, the computer liked me and paired me vs Dick Link, a guy I have played against for years in one game system or another, we were planning on lots of fun.  He had

Durgen +6

Basher  7

Herne and Jonne 3

Cragback and Lug 9

he ran two points light, he really wanted an Avalancher, and I am glad he didn’t have it.  I drew Lamentation, Dick drew Ashes to Ashes. The scenario was Overrun.  The short of it, we got into the middle and started to mix it up.  Lots of AOE’s meant my Kayazy’s got chewed up pretty bad.  The basher slams Butcher and follows through but went out of Durgens Control.  Durgen was whooping me keeping my charges down with Inhospitable ground, but Lamentation stopped that mess.  SPRIGGAN! got up, close and personel with The bear and his handler, during Butcher feat turn, and then he won me the game by bulldozing Durgen out of the zone, keeping him engaged and then surviving to bull doze again.  2 CP’s for me.  Lucky also that the Spriggan kept 1 box in movement system.

Round 2, played against Viktor(sp?)  He brought menoth.  He drew Phantom Hunter.  I drew Eye of Menoth.  He was an absolute hoot to play, we both were cringing at the dice rolls and laughed most of the time.  He was a great sport and even gave me a shot I was not sure that I had, not to mention that it was also a go back cause I realized Feora was engaged.  He was fairly new and I repaid his kindness by letting him go back a bit with Feora, he didn’t know a lot of what I could do.

He had Feora +6

Guardian 9

Knights Exemplar


he played way light and i think it was because he doesn’t have a lot of models.  He is fairly new.  We played The gauntlet.  We hada big boulder in between or zones so we split our forces.  He placed Wall of Fire extremely well, so I had the Kayazy’s get fury, popped the feat and had four of them destroy the guardian.  I rolled quite well too.  The others got ready to get hit hard in the face and some harassed Feora.  I also rolled well and grenaded the senechal with the SPRIGGAN! on the same turn.  Next came the SPRIGGAN! runing in and engaging Feora with a decent angle for the bulldoze the next turn.  SPRIGGAN! then gets trashed and the Kayazy’s he was protecting mop up Feora.

Turn 3 I face Joel who brought

Siege +5

Defender 9

Gun Mages 6

Gun Mage Officer 2

Eiryss, mage hunter 3

We play Outflank, Outfight, Outlast, which for the record is a cool scenario, small point games is a bit of pain, but I like this one.

I drew quicken and he drew Solid Ground.  Quicken went on Kayazy Assasins and Iron Flesh on butcher but it didn’t matter.  i got routed.  Gun mages killed off Kayazy’s, but I did get to kill 1 or 2.  Eiryss disrupted Butcher, who got Siege feat and rocket in the face, then the defender won.  I knew this is how it was going to go down.  My opponent never missed and rolled great damage.  I got 1 CP and woulda coulda shoulda won by scenario the next turn, but it was a losing game from turn 1.  I got a bit grumpy, cause I hate wasting my time, but shrugged it off.

Round 4, the computer likes me again and gave me the other guy I knew no matter what I would have fun, Big Mike, a.k.a. Dangerfish.

He had, eStryker  +6

Ol Rowdy 9

trencher Commandos, full 10

Gun Mage capt Adept 2


Scenario is Kill Box, he drew Solid Ground, and I pulled Temporal Barrier.    Deflection and Solid Ground meant no grenades from SPRIGGAN!  And not to make light of our fun game, well we exchanged hits, we had lots of fun, and with Fury on it the whole game, and Butchers feat, after a quick shake effect and a charge that barely caught Stryker(my SPRIGGAN! lance is exactly 2 inches, so if I hit with the tip).  Stryker had no focus by the way and Spriggan was at POW 21 with MAT 8, and this happened

to which I crowed loudly SPRIGGAN!!!!!! a few times.

A lot of fun was had.  Due to strength of scheule i did not place, but it was a tight race.  In the end Legion won 1st, Mercs 2nd, and Cygnar 3rd.

Oh and a tease, expect something new and fairly big coming here from me and several buddies.


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