Immoren Idol Round 2! Ready! PICK!

April 26, 2010

Alright fellow Korps. Gdaybloke has got the next thread in his Lost forums up and running for Round 2 of the picks. So far we have got at least 1 caster/lock from every faction. Cryx is the dominate presence at the moment with 6 casters. Circle is on the low ball side with just pKruegar. Only time will tell how the next couple of rounds go. Go vote here and stay tuned for battle reports. They will brief like the previous ones, but we will get down and dirty with Rounds 3 and 4.


More Round 1 Results

April 21, 2010

Welcome back, Ghettocorps! It’s time for some more Immoren Idol reporting as we roll into Round Two.Time for the Headbutt Division. Mix liberally with

Bear in mind, all reports are written by one of the participating players, so perspectives may vary.

The sheer volume of games played makes for a prodigiously large post, so we’ve gathered some highlights for you. Future rounds will be more in-depth reporting as the number of games whittles down.

Ghetto Conference

Headbutt Division

Madrak Ironhide, Thornwood Chieftain, vs The Harbinger of Menoth

The lines of battle had been drawn, and the titular leader of the kriels, Chief Madrak Ironhide found himself facing Menoth’s own manifestation on Cain. The Chief knew this would not be a good match up, especially after looking across the field of battle only to spy 8 fully armored Exemplar Bastions making final adjustments to their hulking armor. In interviews before the match up, the Chief’s only comment was “It’s a good day to die.”

Though Madrak had brough many a solo with him, the Harbinger of Menoth had prepared for the worst…Champions and at least one Earthborn Dire Troll. Flanked by Bastions, she prepared for holy battle:

To be honest, this was a really rotten match up for Madrak. It was 5 focus vs 10, and with Harby sporting Fear of God, Martyrdom, Purification, and Call of the Crusader…Madrak had SPD 6 weapon masters with Sanguine bond, getting martyred every time they got boxed. Putting up Sure Foot only resulted in it getting immediately purified away. The first time the Trolls lined up a charge, Harby popped her feat resulting in ARM 15, or 16 models taking POW 14 damage rolls if they ended closer to Harby than they started.

The game was never in doubt. The Fell Callers, and Hero’s both fell to the unit of 3 Bastions. The second unit of bastions served to bodyguard Harby until the only asset my opponent had left was his Dire Troll Mauler. The Dire Troll ate four P+S 12 weapon master attacks, a charging Devout with 3 focus, and then a boosted POW 19 Cataclysm sealing its fate.

Madrak left the field slightly bloodied, but defeated, and the Harbinger moves forward into the next round of Immoren Idol.

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Round 1, OVER!

April 19, 2010

Greetings, Ghettocorps, and welcome to the first round of Immoren Idol match reporting. Today we look at the Throw Division, and ask that you please keep your arms,legs, and any other appendages inside the carriage at all times. This is for your own safety.

Bear in mind, all reports are written by one of the participating players, so perspectives may vary.

The sheer volume of games played makes for a prodigiously large post, so we’ve gathered some highlights for you. Future rounds will be more in-depth reporting as the number of games whittles down.

Ghetto Conference

Throw Division

Warwitch Deneghra vs Grissel Bloodsong

Cold winds swept down the Cache Valley today. With them came the foreboding that can only give portents that the War Witch was stirring, and there would be hell to pay in the land of Smith. Denny would be facing the queen of the fell callers, Grissel Bloodsong. Two very different ladies indeed. In Denny see the epitome of the Cryx warcaster. Spell heavy. Stealthy. Tricky to say the least. Grissel brings an understated brute force to her army. The buffs she brings come at the cost of no fury. Extra attacks. Fearless. Extra movement. No magic. She calls the tune and the opposing caster must do the dance.

Grissel won deployment and went first. After a first turn feat, Grissel was at mid-field and Denny was looking at spending the game in her own zone. The tactics the Cryx used were simple but usually very effective. The Helldiver came up and burrowed. The Seether and Nightripper came up the middle and the Stalker, hoping to cash in with the extended control range by coming up the flank.

The game was almost over before it began. The first Impaler crit slammed the Seether on the top of turn two…into LOS with the second Impaler. The second Impaler unloaded a boosted shot into the now downed Seether, removing the Seether’s cortex. The most dangerous offensive threat on the board had been neutralized. Two more turns later and the Stalker, the Deathripper, Helldiver, and Seether lay in smoking ruins. Grissel claimed the Stalker after it attempted to charge her. Two champions unloaded three attacks each into the Seether (under the Heroic Call) leaving it a wreck. Next turn the Champions finished the Helldiver and Deathripper. Denny, with no more army left, fled the field before the two Impalers still standing finished her for good.

Grissel moves on, Deneghra goes home.

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Immoren Idol Reminder

April 16, 2010

Well MenothJohn and I are trying to get the games in.  Results are flying in thanks to the rabid players up north, who have shown us Americans up, next round will be better off.  Anyway, due to busy work day, I am copying and pasting this from Lost:

Prospective pundits, this is your last chance warning. The thread for picks for Round One of Immoren Idol will be closed Sunday April 18 at 10:30PM EST (daylight savings).

Round One results will begin being posted next week.

If you’ve been holding off for whatever reason, please go to the picks thread and make your picks now.

The Next Big Thing

April 5, 2010

Ghettokore Studios and in Conglomeration with All About Games(my FLGS) and Hobby Kingdom(gdaybloke’s FLGS) present our next Big Project

Yeah someone has either some skills and/or a lot of free time <cough>gdaybloke<cough>.

Past that, what is this Big event.  Well Gday and I were chatting during March and he mentioned wanting to do something off of his March Madness event he ran for Vs. system, found here:

So we got all geeky and excited and got going on this.

Well we are going with these Event rules:

Single elimination bracket

15pt open construction lists

No unique/character models allowed, other than warcasters/warlocks, cause it is all about the top warcaster/warlock

Mercs are Allowed two character models.  i.e.  Sam Mchorne and the devil dogs, count as one.  Aiyanna and Holt count as 2

The bracket is divided into two conferences, the Lost conference and Ghetto conference; each of those into two divisions, the Smash, Slam, Throw, Headbutt

All pairings and participants have been determined randomly

All games will be played using the Killbox scenario

Games can be played live or on vassal. All games must be either played or witnessed by at least one staff member of either Lost Hemisphere or Ghettokore studios.

Match results are to be reported to Gdaybloke, just follow the link in his entry to get into the Lost forums and place the picks.

For players at the participating FLGS’s, they can only make picks from the opposing store’s conference. e.g., a player from the Hobby Kingdom cannot make any picks from the Lost conference.

So now that rules are out of the way, we need to show you the participants that went through grueling hours of try outs and many songs.  These were the guys that had the talent, and impressed Mr. Cowell.  Not really, this is how the dice went for us.

I will gathering the talent to play the games, or find whoever owns the faction, likes the caster and wants to spend an hour playing a game.

We will be allowing a week to make picks, and then we will spend two weeks or so reporting the first round.

Peeps vs. pewter

April 1, 2010

Thanks to April Fool’s Day, Privateer Press introduced a new Hordes faction. In keeping with the spirit of the Uniherd and Rainbo, I proposed that Peeps be included as minions for this finest of new factions. And with a first warlock that looks like this, why not?

Rainbo's feat, Sparklepocalypse, will leave your foes crying for mercy.

However, PPS_Alex refuted my suggestion with the following:

Since you don’t understand….


Once, long ago — it was after the Before Time — at the Old New Place, the Privateer Press production department decided to celebrate the spring holidays of Easter and Ostara and whatsuch in a proper way for a band of buccaneers: with unspeakable violence. Thus, we decided to hold a contest between packing, casting, and moldmaking to see who could come up with the most gruesome Peep death, and install the savaged Peep corpses into shadow boxes for display.

Peeps were stabbed with X-acto knives. Peeps were smashed in (cold) vulcanizers. Peeps met many unfortunate fates. We in casting, though, looked upon this contest, and laughed. For, truly, what could the other teams bring that would even approach the Peep destroying fury of MOLTEN PEWTER. This was going to be a slam-dunk victory for us.

We received our sacrificial Peep, and gathered around a casting table. As the then-Caster Prime, it was my honor to unleash the burning melty death upon this hapless Peep. All leaned in, hungry with anticipation, as I drew forth a ladle of the hottest metal from the crucible, and poured it upon the doomed Peep.

The metal rolled off the Peep like the proverbial water off the duck. It lay there, unconcerned, unsinged, UNBROWNED as we stared in horror. Even another ladle full of pewter applied again accomplished little more, carmelizing a bit of its sugar coating, but certainly not breaching its yellow surface, to say nothing of the complete lack of Peep destruction. If you were to walk in upon that moment, it looked as though had done nothing more than pour the pewter upon the table, and rested the Peep atop it as it cooled, unfazed.

Fear the Peep, for it fears not the molten pewter.

Naturally, I needed to make some forum banners to celebrate the Sparklepocalypse and the indestructible nature of Peeps.

Check back in this space for Peeps Vivisection Theater, in which the difference between “normal” Peeps and chocolate-covered Peeps are compared. We’ll also attempt to see how Peeps deal with explosives. 🙂

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