The Next Big Thing

Ghettokore Studios and in Conglomeration with All About Games(my FLGS) and Hobby Kingdom(gdaybloke’s FLGS) present our next Big Project

Yeah someone has either some skills and/or a lot of free time <cough>gdaybloke<cough>.

Past that, what is this Big event.  Well Gday and I were chatting during March and he mentioned wanting to do something off of his March Madness event he ran for Vs. system, found here:

So we got all geeky and excited and got going on this.

Well we are going with these Event rules:

Single elimination bracket

15pt open construction lists

No unique/character models allowed, other than warcasters/warlocks, cause it is all about the top warcaster/warlock

Mercs are Allowed two character models.  i.e.  Sam Mchorne and the devil dogs, count as one.  Aiyanna and Holt count as 2

The bracket is divided into two conferences, the Lost conference and Ghetto conference; each of those into two divisions, the Smash, Slam, Throw, Headbutt

All pairings and participants have been determined randomly

All games will be played using the Killbox scenario

Games can be played live or on vassal. All games must be either played or witnessed by at least one staff member of either Lost Hemisphere or Ghettokore studios.

Match results are to be reported to Gdaybloke, just follow the link in his entry to get into the Lost forums and place the picks.

For players at the participating FLGS’s, they can only make picks from the opposing store’s conference. e.g., a player from the Hobby Kingdom cannot make any picks from the Lost conference.

So now that rules are out of the way, we need to show you the participants that went through grueling hours of try outs and many songs.  These were the guys that had the talent, and impressed Mr. Cowell.  Not really, this is how the dice went for us.

I will gathering the talent to play the games, or find whoever owns the faction, likes the caster and wants to spend an hour playing a game.

We will be allowing a week to make picks, and then we will spend two weeks or so reporting the first round.


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