Round 1, OVER!

Greetings, Ghettocorps, and welcome to the first round of Immoren Idol match reporting. Today we look at the Throw Division, and ask that you please keep your arms,legs, and any other appendages inside the carriage at all times. This is for your own safety.

Bear in mind, all reports are written by one of the participating players, so perspectives may vary.

The sheer volume of games played makes for a prodigiously large post, so we’ve gathered some highlights for you. Future rounds will be more in-depth reporting as the number of games whittles down.

Ghetto Conference

Throw Division

Warwitch Deneghra vs Grissel Bloodsong

Cold winds swept down the Cache Valley today. With them came the foreboding that can only give portents that the War Witch was stirring, and there would be hell to pay in the land of Smith. Denny would be facing the queen of the fell callers, Grissel Bloodsong. Two very different ladies indeed. In Denny see the epitome of the Cryx warcaster. Spell heavy. Stealthy. Tricky to say the least. Grissel brings an understated brute force to her army. The buffs she brings come at the cost of no fury. Extra attacks. Fearless. Extra movement. No magic. She calls the tune and the opposing caster must do the dance.

Grissel won deployment and went first. After a first turn feat, Grissel was at mid-field and Denny was looking at spending the game in her own zone. The tactics the Cryx used were simple but usually very effective. The Helldiver came up and burrowed. The Seether and Nightripper came up the middle and the Stalker, hoping to cash in with the extended control range by coming up the flank.

The game was almost over before it began. The first Impaler crit slammed the Seether on the top of turn two…into LOS with the second Impaler. The second Impaler unloaded a boosted shot into the now downed Seether, removing the Seether’s cortex. The most dangerous offensive threat on the board had been neutralized. Two more turns later and the Stalker, the Deathripper, Helldiver, and Seether lay in smoking ruins. Grissel claimed the Stalker after it attempted to charge her. Two champions unloaded three attacks each into the Seether (under the Heroic Call) leaving it a wreck. Next turn the Champions finished the Helldiver and Deathripper. Denny, with no more army left, fled the field before the two Impalers still standing finished her for good.

Grissel moves on, Deneghra goes home.

Iron Lich Asphyxious vs Krueger the Stormlord

In a druid on former druid match up, something has to give. In one corner we have one of the Dragon Father’s favorite minions, Iron Lich Asphyxious. He’s glowing, his head floats in his cloak, and Menoth help you if you get hit by him…cause it is all down hill from there. In the other corner is the Stormlord, Krueger. You can say what you want about his pose, but if he isn’t a poor man’s Rhan, I don’t know what he is..

This confrontation proves it is possible to play too aggressively. On a terrain heavy list, I felt, as the Circle player, I had a good chance to assassinate Asphyxious with the Gnarlhorn. My opponent was using a forest edge to hide himself from an obvious charge lane. I got around this by bringing Kreuger far forward, and then casting telekinesis 3 times on the Gnarlhorn, clearing the way for charge on Gaspy. In order to get there though, I had to have the Gnarlhorn cast his animus on himself to get the extra movement. This ended up being the fatal move.

The Gnarlhorn made it to Gaspy but didn’t have enough fury left to finish the job. Gaspy was hurt, but far from dead. The next turn, the Iron Lich killed the Gnarlhorn, and the Bane Thralls in combination with the Stalker killed the Woldwarden. Earlier, the War Wolf and Blackclad had died to the thralls. With no army left intact, Krueger withdrew from the field of battle humiliated.

The Iron Lich moves on to the next round of Immoren Idol.

Grim Angus vs Supreme Aptimus Zaal

The Trollkin surged toward the Skorne lines. Grim was shielded by a strong unit of Fennblades along with his warbeasts, but the Skorne were ready for them. Zaal’s Cyclops Brute kept his shield between its master and the opposing sniper, while a pair of Ancestral Guardians roamd forward behind Praetorian Swordsmen, ready to die.

In a short and brutal confrontation, the Troll army found itself crumpling under a flurry of blows from Skorne beasts and living statues. They fought back valiantly, but in the end, a standoff – On the hill, Supreme Aptimus Zaal looked down on Grim Angus. To the side, the last remaining Fennblades tried vainly to deal with the incorporeal form of the Kovaas.

Grim raised Headhunter, but the wiry old Skorne evaded a killing blow – and responded with a deluge of sorcerous power. Inch by inch, Grim gave ground (passing four tough rolls on the way, I might add) before finally collapsing, beaten.

Supreme Aptimus Zaal moves on.

Other results from the Throw division:

  • Master Tormentor Morghoul carves out Kommander Sorscha’s heart
  • Garryth, Blade of Retribution, dims Ravyn’s Eternal Light
  • Lord Tyrant Hexeris pulls rank over Tyrant Xerxis
  • Kommander Orsus Zoktavir butchers Kaya the Wildborne
  • Lich Lord Asphyxious shouts out Kaelyssa, Night’s Whisper

Swing by Lost Hemisphere to get a look at the results of the Slam division, and stay tuned – later in the week we’ll be posting the results of the Headbutt division (Lost Hemisphere will have the Trample results) and opening up the thread for Round Two picks on the forums!


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