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Welcome back, Ghettocorps! It’s time for some more Immoren Idol reporting as we roll into Round Two.Time for the Headbutt Division. Mix liberally with

Bear in mind, all reports are written by one of the participating players, so perspectives may vary.

The sheer volume of games played makes for a prodigiously large post, so we’ve gathered some highlights for you. Future rounds will be more in-depth reporting as the number of games whittles down.

Ghetto Conference

Headbutt Division

Madrak Ironhide, Thornwood Chieftain, vs The Harbinger of Menoth

The lines of battle had been drawn, and the titular leader of the kriels, Chief Madrak Ironhide found himself facing Menoth’s own manifestation on Cain. The Chief knew this would not be a good match up, especially after looking across the field of battle only to spy 8 fully armored Exemplar Bastions making final adjustments to their hulking armor. In interviews before the match up, the Chief’s only comment was “It’s a good day to die.”

Though Madrak had brough many a solo with him, the Harbinger of Menoth had prepared for the worst…Champions and at least one Earthborn Dire Troll. Flanked by Bastions, she prepared for holy battle:

To be honest, this was a really rotten match up for Madrak. It was 5 focus vs 10, and with Harby sporting Fear of God, Martyrdom, Purification, and Call of the Crusader…Madrak had SPD 6 weapon masters with Sanguine bond, getting martyred every time they got boxed. Putting up Sure Foot only resulted in it getting immediately purified away. The first time the Trolls lined up a charge, Harby popped her feat resulting in ARM 15, or 16 models taking POW 14 damage rolls if they ended closer to Harby than they started.

The game was never in doubt. The Fell Callers, and Hero’s both fell to the unit of 3 Bastions. The second unit of bastions served to bodyguard Harby until the only asset my opponent had left was his Dire Troll Mauler. The Dire Troll ate four P+S 12 weapon master attacks, a charging Devout with 3 focus, and then a boosted POW 19 Cataclysm sealing its fate.

Madrak left the field slightly bloodied, but defeated, and the Harbinger moves forward into the next round of Immoren Idol.

Supreme Kommandant Irusk vs Captain E. Dominic Darius

“One day, Darius went off on an adventure in the woods. He heard a strange sound off to one side, so he sent his pet Warjacks off to investigate. Unfortunately, the sound turned out to be a squad of elite Khadoran murderers making a distraction. Left standing in the open, Darius was shot in the face by mortars and died.

The End.”

Um…. yeah. Irusk advances.

Amon Ad Raza vs Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight

Amon goes first and runs everything into position, with the Choir chanting for a safe Passage and Amon taking up the rear. Thagrosh gives the Warspears a Draconic Strength and summons a Fog of War from the blighted power within. His Warspears and Dragonspawn run up into position to assault the enemy army.

Amon gives the Vanquisher some focus and it moves up and hits the centre Warspear incinerating it into nothing. One of his fellow Ogrun wanders too close and is set on fire, suffering some minor wounds from the focused power of the Vanquisher’s shot. The Templar moves into a countercharge position and the Sunburst takes a shot but aims wide. Amon once again takes up the back and the choir advances and chants “no shooty” again.

Thagrosh sends his Warspears on a charge towards the Vanquisher, the choirs safe Passage has shielded the Vanquisher from the ranged Assault but the Warspears manage to puncture the arm holding the Blazing Star. The Shredders run up to the choir and the Carni moves in behind and uses Spiny Growth on himself. The Templar focuses and charges one of the Ogrun while Amon charges the other, taking them out easily. The Vanquisher scores a shot a Thagrosh but he shunts the damage off to a Shredder. The Sunburst takes a shot at the Carnivean but it is only a minor wound for the Carnivean. Then the choir charge the Shredders and actually land a hit, almost mortally wounding it.

Fire still burns Thagrosh’ flesh but the roll doesn’t pass armor. Thagrosh advances and puts Draconic Strength on the Carnivean and it charges in and kills the Templar and takes a couple swings at the Vanq as well, damaging it greatly. The Shredders shuffle around but only manage to kill one choir boy. Amon gets upset and Smites the Carnivean away while the Vanquisher takes a boosted shot at Thragrosh but he shunts the damage to another Shredder.

Once again the Fire doesn’t phase Thagrosh and he advances closer to the action. The Carni finally finishes off the Vanquisher with a charge but that leaves a lane to Thagrosh for Amon. Amon uses Mobility to have enough movement and charges Thagrosh, boosting to hit and damage and rolls a little shy of killing him. Amon Smited him so he was too far to transfer to an Shredders and the Carni was fully loaded. The Carni moves into Amon and finishes him.

Thagrosh advances.

Lord Commander Stryker vs High Executioner Servath Reznik

It was a cool night in the Cache Valley that saw a titanic match up between the High Executioner of the Protectorate against Leto’s favorite hit man, Lord Commander Stryker. The scenario of choice was Kill Box, and the point level was 15 points. Epic Stryker is one of the most imposing warcasters in the game. The ability to boost his strength (up to a 3d6 roll) makes melee contact with Quicksliver II usually a fatal encounter. On the other side of the table stood Heirarch Severius’ enforcer extraordinaire. Reznik brings a unique combination of high armor beat stick with the ability to really enhance his jacks ability to hit and hurt even high defense foes.

The game turned shortly after the Vanquisher made short work of half the Stormblades with a Thresher attack under Iron Aggression, followed by the complete destruction of the Ironclad by a charge of 5 of the 6 Knights Exemplar under Ignite.

At that point, Stryker, knowing that getting into position for a charge at Reznik was his only chance, charged the KE killing all but three. However, he wasn’t counting on Reznik’s feat. In the Protectorate turn, Reznik activated, popped his feat, and sat on four focus after upkeeping Ignite and Iron Agression. The KE did enough damage that turn (reduced Stryker to half boxes) that Stryker had to worry about overboosting.

In order to get a charge lane, Stryker casted Velocity on his turn, promptly started on fire, and then took two free strikes from KE as he left. The first one whiffed, but the second hit and reduced Stryker to 3 wounds. No Overpower for him! He charged, and after exhausting his focus, Reznik still stood, with 5 wounds thanks to his focus-enhanced armor. When it came to Reznik’s turn, my opponent conceded the game, and eStryker took his rightful place upon the Executioners Port-o-Wrack.

Reznik Defeats Lord Commander Stryker by Caster Kill

Other results from the Headbutt division:

  • EGORESHADE, overwhelms MOHSAR
  • Skarre, Queen of the Broken Coast, breaks Captain Jeremiah Kraye like a pony
  • Kommander Strakhov burns our Feora, Priestess of the Flame
  • Major Victoria Haley puts Captain Kara Sloan in her place

Swing by Lost Hemisphere to get a look at the results of the Trample division, and drop by the Lost Hemisphere forums later in the week for the full round results, standings, and round two picks thread!


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