Headbutt Division Final

After a lot of smack talking on my part to MenothJohn. The time has come. After several battles that the sneaky black ops master, Strakhov should not have lived through, he gets his next massive challenge. He watched with his beleagured crew of shocktroopers and his seriously chipped up devastator, as a batch of choir acolytes dragged the chained woman of menoth onto the field. Along with the woman came a single light jack, multiple choir members, and 4 Paladins that came down from their wall. Strakhov also saw several of his khadoran reinforcements screaming about on wracks. He smirked as a kovnik made it up the hill to him. Their position had been compromised an hour ago, he had been getting ready for the inevitable to come….time to kill himself menites. He looked as his crew and they moved off onto the field, taking the iniative against the enemy.

Strakhov turn 1
Strakhov makes his Devastator Superior wit ha flick of his magical will, after all of his crew runs forward, then he advances forward behind his Man-o-wars. The maneuver was boring but very necessary.

Harbinger turn 1
The Choir that were at the far end of the field, run forward maneuvering to the far side of the tree. All of the paladins advance and seem to become as stoic as the wall that they normally are posted on. The devout shimmers briefly as its spell ward goes off and advances forward. The harbinger mimics the advance of the enemy and runs forward, ready to martyr her crew. The other choir huddles around the jack, staying near their leader of leaders, Harbinger

Strakhov Turn 2
Strakhov keeps his Devastator powered up, and running into a forward position, hoping its armor will continue to hold up as he expects several charges to come in the devastators direction. The man-o-wars advance up locking themselves into an impenetrable shield wall. The kovnik was not used to how Strakhov thought and after some direction runs over to where Strakhov thinks he will be more useful. Strakhov slowly advances forward and “promotes the middle man-o-war to the position of the armies sentry, hoping to get a shot off as soon as someone advances too close. Strakhov prepares himself for what is to come.

Harbinger turn 2.
The Harbinger grins and does the opposite of what Strakhov expected. The far choir runs again, moving in to flank Strakhov. The paladins maneuver to get ready for a more advantageous charges. Harbinger moves behind the paladins. The devout advances, hoping to spell ward the harbinger, but ran into too dense of a forest and fell short of his ward. The other choir moves around the forest staying in good protection range.

Strakhov turn 3.
Strakhov blinks away his surprise and he gets daring, having his devastator run right into the waiting hands of two of the paladins. Hoping yet again that the beastly jacks armor holds. The man-o-wars move forward in their steel shield wall again, getting ready for the inevitable. The Kovnik runs to the left flank, and Strakhov continues his slow, steady advance, making the kovnik the sentry this time.

Harbinger turn 3.
The menoth hoard unleashes themselves upon the devastator. One paladin missed the superior devastator. Two others charge and only score a small glancing hit to one of the devstators shield arms. The fourth paladins swings and the blade dings off of its shell.. the harbinger moves forward and fires off a cataclysmic blast of magic. When the blast clear the devastators other shield arm is barely grazed. She was not sure what to think of that. (honestly i figured by now that the devastator should have been barely functional, do the math, John should have received the upperhand at this point, as has been reported in the past, dice, a big factor). The two choir position to get charges angles on Strakhov.

Strakhov turn 4.
Strakhov really powers up the devastator, and pops his feat. The kovnik charges forward and kills the paladin, or so he thought, obviously seeing the power of the Harbinger to stay off the death of the ones she chooses. The man-o-wars charge into the paladins, well three of them(I interject again saying that MenothJohn was quite tolerant of my poor charges from the man-o-wars…not quite got the hang of vassal movements.) A fourth man-o-war saw his brother strung up wailing away on a wrack and decided to end his brother suffering at the hand of the menites. The paladin supposedly die to the man-o-war attacks but they all stood. The wrack explodes damaging two man-o-wars and a “dead” paladin, who “dies’ again. Strakhov is severely concerned, his devastator has to end this now. it bulldozes forward, but stops as two of paladins are not angled correctly to move out of its way of his intended victim. The Devstator opens up anyway, “killing” all of the paladins again. The Harbinger is hit next by the exploding grenades, with some extra oopmh(boosting) the Harbinger fell to the ground dead.

Strakhov moves on, due only to some bad dice and some good dice. I rolled just enough, and extremely high to end her. I really need to send thanks to MenothJohn who is an awesome opponent, crazy good list builder(I have yet to expect what he brings), and John, we really need to shoot our dice, they have both carped out on us in the past during idol matchs. Rematch will happen and we will see if it was purely dice(which I seriously think it was). In my small quest to run Strakhov through to the championship he has one more insurmountable hill to climb, either Gaspy. But which one? Tune in Thursday to find out…


3 Responses to Headbutt Division Final

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  3. Clayton says:

    Impressive! Did you guys actually play on Vassal?

    Thats pretty cool if you did 😀

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