Throw Division Finals

Iron Lich versus Epic Lich. I ran Iron Lich wit ha Deathripper, Corruptor, min mechanithralls and two brute thralls and a skarlock and a siren. Fluffy another local Cryx player ran epic Lich with 2 pistol wraiths, a deathripper, a slayer and minimum bane thralls. Since a match like this could not truly happen i nthe Iron Kingdoms I am just going to go with a quick play by play. Also the battle report will be a little quick, mainly because like we had predicted, the game ended brutally fast.

Turn 1 Iron Lich
Simple enough, I run everyone but the iron Lich. IL cast Scything Touch on the mechanithralls and then he advances up the board.

Turn 1 Epic Lich
1 pistol wraith advances up and shoots one of the mechanithralls. He advances everyone up, camping all of his focus.

Turn 2 Iron Lich
Scything touch stays out there. I run the deathripper. The Skarlock advances boldly, casting hellfire on a pitol wraith and I miss horribly, rolling a 4. YAY! I arc Breath of corruption and kill the pistol wraith that shot my mechanithrall. The corruptor moves up and the siren moves to a better position as does the mechanithralls, engaging a few bane thralls.

Turn 2 Epic Lich
The pistol wraith kills the skarlock and wounds a brute thrall. Some banes charge, others just stay in posiiton. 3 Mechanithralls die to the attacks. Then Epic Lich charges the deathripper and does massive damage to it, leaving it with his movement and arc node, but just barely.

Turn 3 Iron Lich
The deathripper tries and backs up, but Fluffy’s dice like him and he hits with the Liches free strike. No more deathripper. I power boost the corruptor who stands still and shoots the Epic Lich. I to hit, and roll boosted damage, scoring 4 points. Mechanithralls go, I get a brute thrall and a mechanithrall charged into the Epic Lich, also I get to try and kill a lot of banes. For some reason I decide to attack the banes first. dice attack rolls are 11,11,11,5(ruh roh). Then I miss horredously on the lich charges…if I had only done those two charges first. Iron lich charges his cooruptor to get himself into the fight and I only do 4 to my own jack. I then cast Breath of corruption onto the mechanithralls enagaging Lich. I hit everyone in the melee, killing a mechanithrall, the bane thrall, only doing 2 to my I roll on Epic lich and get

Turn 3 Epic Lich
The slayer kills the brute thall. Epic lich charges Iron Lich rolls his first to hit, scores it. Then charge damage WOW! okay. Then he pops his feat placing a bane thrall engaging me. Rolls his next attack, hits. Boosts the damage GAME OVER

Epic lich moves on to face Strakhov. Tune in for the video feed of that fight.


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