Lost Conference Finals

Ladies and Gentlelost, after weeks of gaming and subsequent bloggery, we’re at the Conference Finals for Immoren Idol! Today we finish up the Lost Conference with a clash of victors. Who will claim the title? Rhyas or Siege? Read on, good folk, read on!


Siege and Rhyas clash amidst the idyllic landscape of Ordic cottage country. Siege wins the roll and goes first.

Siege deploys near the houses, keeping one Defender near him and sending one off to the right side a bit.

Rhyas deploys centrally, intending to use the hill and fences to cover her army’s advance.

Siege is attempting to use the line of buildings to protect his flank, sending one Defender to seal the gap in one alley, and having the other sit tight against the other side of the left-most building. Siege and the Gobbers then take up positions behind the jack formation.

Rhyas’ forces move up the board. The Carnivean runs onto the hill, Rhyas gives herself Tenacity and charges a Defender for some extra movement. One shredder puts its animus on the Carnie, while the other protects itself. The Legionnaires run forward to protect Rhyas in two lines, one group right around her and one a few inches forward.

Siege sees an opportunity to clear away some of the opposing numbers, so after confirming Rhyas’ threat range, he moves forward slightly and feats, catching everything but Rhyas and the Shredders. He then annihilates half of the Legionnaires with Ground Pounder and casts Explosivo on the Defender next to him. That Defender aims and shoots the second cluster of Legionnaires, killing them as well, and leaving only two alive. The other Defender double-boosts against the Tenacitied, elevated Carnivean, causing 15 damage with the feat. Some quick measuring shows that the Carnie may have the distance to charge the Cygnaran line next turn, so the Gobbers run up to form a screen around Siege and the leftmost Defender.

The two remaining Legionnaires make their Vengeance move, getting the wall out of their way to open a charge lane. Rhyas moves up behind said wall and casts Tenacity on herself, while the Carnivean aims to spray some of the Gobber Screen, catching three (but being JUST out of range of Siege), but also snagging one of the Legionnaires. Three boosts to hit reduce both squads to a single model. The surviving Legionnaire runs to engage Siege, and both Shredders (who are quite far back) go rabid to run 16″ to engage the Defenders.

Siege’s entire army is engaged at this point, which is rather problematic given that they’d really like to finish that Carnivean off. After taking a few minutes to weigh options, Siege determines that Rhyas doesn’t have a charge lane over the wall she’s hiding behind, and decides to simply wade through the sea of chaff models. Each Defender kills a Shredder in a single swing, while Siege smashes the Legionnaire out of the way and camps two focus.

Rhyas may not have had a charge lane across the wall, but Siege neglected to check that’s she was within *walking* distance. She casts Dash for the 1″ of movement, then saunters gingerly over to the Cornrowed One. She feats for the extra attack; a boost to hit on both attacks doesn’t produce a crit, but she manages to reduce him to 6 wounds anyway. The Carnivean then walks forward an inch, sprays, boosts to hit and to damage, and finishes him off.

Victory to Rhyas.


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