Ghetto Finals

Immoren Idol, Final Round
i know I mentioned a video but video fell through as did a lot of scheduled attempts so we got cell phone pics for the long awaited fight.


In one corner, the man that has passed all challenges that not many thought he would, the Black Ops master, STRAKHOV!
who brought with him a Juggernaught, min Kayazy w/Underboss, greylords, and a koldun lord.

In the other corner, the thing so good at killing he killed a Lich Lord and made him his weapon, eAsphixious!
who brought min bloodgorger, a slayer, a deathripper, and 2 pistol wraiths.

ROUND1 :eGaspy wins the roll and goes for the kill first. He casts Hellbound on himself and everyone either runs up or moves up the board, desperate to kill the foolish Khadoran in the way.

Strakhov retorts, he casts occultation on the greylords, and superiority on his juggernaught then he moves up a bit. The koldun lord gives the juggernaught a focus and advances. The juggernaught runs up a bit and gets to charge either a pistolwraith or bloodgorgers, depending on the targets. The greylords and Kayazy’s move up to get themselves some action.

ROUND2 : egaspy holds just about everything, but he lets the Deathripper have one. The bloodgorgers charge up and get themselves some of the Kayazies. One dies to the charge. Then the Deathripper moves up and has Gaspy cast death knell, catching one greylord and three Kayazy…all dead…whoo hoo. One pistol moves up and shoots the Juggernaught, who thanks to Sup and a hill has a 14, dice go bad and it misses the first shot. The other wraith goes to the other side of the board away from the stealthed guys.

Strakhov drops the stealth, keeps the superiority. He moves into the kill box fully, tries to shoot the wraith, falls 1/2inch shy. Strakhov then pops his feat and laughs. The war dog charges and kills the corporeal pistol wraith, and returns to help the master. The koldun lord charges in, kills…nope bloodgorger is tough, nuts, I wanted to spray afterward. One Greylord charges the deathripper and misses, the other Greylord charge into the middle of the gorgers, kills his one and battle wizards 2 more dead, one making his tough roll. Kayazies charge, one enagging the deathripper and a gorger, killing the gorger. The other kayazy charges another gorger, killing it. Then the underboss rolls snake yes on his ganged charge attack on the arc node. He hits with his other attack and takes out the movement, effectively stopping its usefulness. The juggernaught charges way out there, into the pistol wraith, killing it, but then ifind I positioned myself too far out of control, no focus next turn.

ROUND 3 :Gaspy gives the slayer some focus from the souls, casts parasiote of the juggernaught, moves up a bit, pops his feat bringing back the wraiths and the gorgers, then death knells his own arc node, finsihing off its usefulness, but hitting and killing 4 more guys, leaving two guys left alive, then the feated guys charge in hurt the juggernaught and killing the last two guys. The slayer strikes the juggernaught but the dice favor me and the juggernaught lives on, but without his arms.

Strakhov has almost no choices, he has the war dog kill a gorger, he moves up and flame grenades the other, it lives through, but he battering rams it, knowing that no one can see through his cloud. The juggernaught is brave and needs a 5 to hit the slayer thanks to superiority. I move into Strakhov’s control first, then i whiff both attacks. Some turn, but he is down to the same limited models.

ROUND4 : Gaspy gives the slayer more, keeps parasite and then stands there, feeling smug with himself. The slayer proceeds to wreck the juggernaught wit ha combo strike.

Strakhov moves up getting ready to eat a charge, camping all of his focus, he tries lobbing a grenade at the lich but I miss the attack roll, which was boosted.

ROUND5: Gaspy has the slayer take two focus, and has it kill the war dog. Then Gaspy Charges Strakhov and does 7 damage.

Strakhov tries moving back for a charge, but can’t get the movement, staying in melee with Gaspy he swings anyway…
Well I run the math and I can probably live through the counter assault camping all focus, but it comes to dice ,and yes fans I took into account the slayers powerful combo strike.

ROUND6: Well turns out the dice were in the Slayers favor, with a damage roll like this

Leads to this

Gaspy moves on. Taking the Ghettokore championship. I feel a bit of sick pride, Cryx is my faithful faction and is always there for me, winning when I need them. But i was routing and playing Strakhov the whole time, ah well. Now it is time for the winner take all bash. Stay tuned.


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