PAX Invitational

Wow it has been over a year since I went into my FLGS, All About Games during the 09 Invitational with the full intention of making my opponents cry and crushing them all under my boot heel. We had just cleaned ourselves up from all of our dirty MK Field testing, and I had decided to unpack my best force, Cryx for the tourney. I then proceeded to build two of the most broken and evil armies I could muster, like 6 arc nodes with the witch coven. Anyway that is all memories and the past.

We got to host the invitational again this year. BrotherScott is running it and has made sure we all know what is going to happen. This year is sort of different for me. Yes I want to play, yes I want to win, but I am not sure what army to take. Steamroller has changed to the point that we get rewarded for playing the scenario, not just for killing the opposing warcaster as fast as possible. I have witnessed where the ability to score some CP’s has meant the difference to who played for the championship, also it was the deciding factor in third place and the further finished standings.

While I have several lists that “should” work with cryx to control some CP’s, they all need much more testing than I have been getting in. So I am not going to bring the nastiness to the tournament. I still have several more options ahead of me. I could run khador, but again, I am unsure if there is a controlling list that will work, so my blue and whites get to sit it out too. Circle has been altered from I am used to, not in a bad way mind you, they just got a shift in their abilities in mk2 and I have yet to sit down and truly digest it. Having their cards help, but I will probably have to wait for the circle book in November before they see much table time, though I may muddle through them for the Genesis event. Only two factions left…Retribution and Searforge. Uh oh memory lane time. At PAX during working mans I ran the rhullics and got looks when I loudly declared my faction. I battled long and hard, in the end lsot, but I think I represented the rhuls fine. They have won a few tournies locally too. I have got board control with Gorten, tiered or just contract, and I have assassination capabilities with him too. I can run his tier easily at tier 4, or I run his contract, which one is stronger is purely debateable.

Then there is Retribution. Rahn is a control caster, especially when running tier 3, and I have strong caster kill abilities. The one and only advantage is the status effects of fire on the phoenix myrmidon, not sure if that is a major plus yet or not. Well I can always go with what is painted more, and due to some new releases they are about equal, I doubt I will have spare time to get the slacker models painted.

I better figure it out quick, the 18th is nigh.


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