Bayou Kriel

Rivercity Slow Grow
The local gamers have set up a slow grow, paint and play slow grow league. Every month starting at 15 points we need to fully paint and play an army. Next month we go to the next point value, using the same models we started with and building on them. Seeing as how I could not build a list of unpainted models for most of my armies I grabbed my trolls that I got on a whim and a trade or two to help run my minions till Barnabas came out. I did not have a warlock unpainted so I picked one, Epic Madrak, the World Ender. 5 Fury means very little beast and I got to paint some of the cool troll troops.

Impaler was a must
Fennblades were a must
i thought a bomber was a must so I painted one

I forgot we were playing scenarios so I was wondering if a blitzer would be better…Which one to use

both were deadly, close to the same stats. But the blitzer animus won the day




I settled on

eMadrak +5
Blitzer 9
Impaler 5
min fennblades 5

For some reason I have been fixated on swampy looking bases, with water effects or not. Swampy colors, dark browns, dirty greens, and the such, but I wanted a new color to make these guys pop, so I incorporated Teal, don’t ask, I don’t know why, I just like the look.


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