This started out as my home away from the forums, where more often than not I expressed views I shouldn’t while wearing my Press Ganger hat. I’m still a gamer and still have opinions and there are those times where I just need to vent.

These days, I don’t blog as much since the amount of free time I have to devote to painting and modeling has decreased since my ascension to the Mothership.

Along for the ride are brotherscott and tallyn42, two of my partners in crime while I was at LGS. I don’t expect them to agree with everything I say and it’s even better if we can offer different points of view.

First and foremost, this blog is about painting and how we got to the end result. When we can, we’ll post WIP and step-by-step shots with our write-ups. We’ll also post battle reports and anything else that might fit.

Why Ghettokore? Well, when I first started painting, I did everything on the cheap. Cheap paint, cheap brushes. Nearly four years later, I’ve got a healthy collection of Windsor & Newton 7 Series brushes and nearly the entire P3 range. I’ve got a good selection of paints from Vallejo, Reaper, GW and Citadel. I haven’t forgotten my roots and definitely employ some “ghetto” tactics when painting and modeling.

Thanks for reading.
~ Jen


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