What’s that do?? Trollbloods and Cygnar

March 10, 2010

As mentioned at Lost Hemisphere, MenothJohn came up with the idea of letting his 6-year-old son pick out an army for him to play. The members of our emailing group grabbed the idea and ran with it like a Dire Troll Mauler running home for dinner.

The idea of having non-gamers pick out an army to play with is novel and challenging; it’s been suggested I have my mom pick out a list for me. I’ve got some friends on Facebook who will get asked, not the least of which is one-eyed cat named Grommitt (totally serious about this :)). There’s also Brotherscott’s soon-to-be 7-year-old niece, who has known about our “models” and “toys” since we’ve been playing.

Here are the rules, and the goodies:

  • The list must total 25 pts.
  • The list must have one leader model. Leader models are actually worth negative points, so will add to the total value. These points, if spent, must be spent on robots.
  • The list should have (but is not required to have) at least one or two robot dudes.
  • Some units have a split cost (eg, 6/10). These units can come in one of two size; the smaller group costs the lower amount, the larger group costs the higher amount.


Noble Savages, the Trollbloods are a species of large, noseless humanoids that combine a significant splash of Celtic flavour, a sprinkle of Native American and just a hint of  Nordic seasoning. A tragic people forced out of their own lands by expanding “civilisation” and under assault on all sides by things even wilder than they are, the Trollbloods hit back with the raw unchecked power of full-blood Trolls and the united strength of their clans (kriels) as they struggle to reclaim their lands in the face of the treachery of mankind.

-5 Borka Kegslayer – A wintery shaman devoted to beer and the love of battle
-5 Calandra Truthsayer, Oracle of Glimmerwood – Gypsy queen with more booty than a pirate fleet
-6 Grim Angus – Hunter, tracker, sniper. If you spot him, chances are you’re already in his sights.
-5 Grissel Bloodsong, Fell Caller – Xena: Warrior Princess meets Celine Dion and adds a dirty great hammer.
-7 Hoarluk Doomshaper, Shaman of the Gnarls – Grumpy old human-hating shaman who thwarts magic
-6 Hoarluk Doomshaper, Rage of Dhunia – Grumpy old human-hating shaman who really likes dire trolls
-6  Madrak Ironhide, Thornwood Chieftain – Unifying leader of the kriels with a cursed axe
-5 Madrak Ironhide, World Ender – Unifying leader of the kriels destined to either save his people or end the world

Big beasts:
9  Dire Troll Blitzer – Hulking monstrosity with a midget and a machine gun on its back
9  Dire Troll Mauler – Hulking monstrosity that pulls arms off and eats them
10 Earthborn Dire Troll – Hulking monstrosity that takes on properties of the surrounding terrain
12 Mulg the Ancient – A walking rune-carved mountain with a tree as a club

Small beasts:
4  Pyre Troll – A troll with burning fists that spits napalm
6  Slag Troll – A troll with corrodes (and eats) metals it comes into contact with
6  Troll Axer – A troll swinging a huge axe
5  Troll Bouncer – An armoured troll that shoves things around
5  Troll Impaler – A troll lobbing 10′ long spears
5  Winter Troll – A troll that freezes opponents with its breath

4/6 Kriel Warriors – The grunts of the kriels
1  – Caber Thrower – A grunt holding a 9′ tall stone collumn to drop on foes
2  – Piper & Standard – Make the Kriel Warriors better
3/4 Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes – One guy carrying a magic rock, and his attendants
1  – Stone Scribe Elder – A veteran attendant who’s worked out how to get more out of the rock
4/6 Pyg Burrowers – Midgets with shovels who dig under the battlefield, pop up and yell “Surprise!”
5/8 Pyg Bushwhackers – Midgets with rifles
3  Thumper Crew – A cannon that slams targets away
6/10    Trollkin Champions – Veteran warriors with thick armour and two weapons each
5/8 Trollkin Fellblades – Specialised anti-cavalry warriors with really long swords
7/11    Trollkin Long Riders – Trollblood warriors riding bison
4  Trollkin Runeshapers – Earth shamans slinging rocks everywhere
5/8 Trollkin Scattergunners – Warriors with blunderbusses

3  Fell Caller Hero – Tom Jones with a pair of swords
5  Horthol, Long Rider Champion – A veteran bison rider who inspires his pals
2  Stone Scribe Chronicler – Reads stories in the battlefield to inspire the troops
2  Troll Whelps – Chopped-off bits of fullblood Troll that have regenerated into autonomous minitrolls
3  Trollkin Champion Hero – An even more veteran veteran warrior


This faction is Cygnar, the crown jewel of the Iron Kingdoms. They’re technologically advanced and their army fights with a combination of magic and science. They can harness the power of lightning to zap their foes and they try to be just and right — Cygnar is what passes for “good guys” in the game world, but they’re bastards just like everyone else. Just with official army ranks and such.

-5 Maj. Markus “Siege” Brisbane – He’s got a big hammer. He’s the Samuel L. Jackson of the Iron Kingdoms.
-6 Lt. Allister Caine – Gunslinging wizard with a bad attitude and a love of fine drink.
-5 Capt. Allister Caine – Gunslinging wizard with a bad attitude and a love of fine drink — recently promoted.
-5 Capt. E. Dominic Darius – Master mechanic in a big metal suit.
-5 Capt. Vicoria Haley – Young up-and-coming wizard with powerful magic.
-5 Maj. Victoria Haley – More powerful and seasoned wizard.
-6 Capt. Jeremiah Kraye – Wizard on horseback who likes his robots.
-6 Commander Adept Nemo – Inventive wizard who likes electricity.
-6 General Adept Nemo – Grizzled and inventive wizard who likes electricity.
-6 Capt. Kara Sloan – Annie Oakley in wizard form.
-6 Commander Coleman Stryker – Arrogant army commander who likes to knock things down.
-6 Lord Commander Coleman Stryker – Arrogant army commander who inspires his dudes.

Smaller robots:
4 Charger – Smaller robot with a hammer and gun that can shoot twice.
5 Firefly – Smaller robot with a poky stick and gun that shoots lightning.
5 Grenadier – Smaller robot with a pick axe and grenade launcher.
6 Hunter – Smaller robot with armor-piercing gun.
6 Lancer – Smaller robot with poky stick and shield that leaders can cast spells through.
4 Sentinel – Smaller robot with big shield and gatling gun.
8 Thorn – A character Lancer with bigger spear and shield.

Big robots: (much bigger than humans)
9 Centurion – Big robot with large poky stick and shield that keeps enemies away.
9 Cyclone – Big robot with a gatling gun on each arm.
9 Defender –  Big robot with a cannon on one arm and big hammer on the other.
8 Hammersmith – Big robot with two smashy hammers.
7 Ironclad – Big robot with a smashy hammer.
10 Stormclad – Big robot with an electrical sword, makes Stormblades better.
9 Ol’ Rowdy – Character Ironclad that can attack its foes first.
12 Thunderhead – Special robot that zaps lightning at everything.

6 Arcane Tempest Gun Mages – Six gun-toting wizards with magic bullets.
2 Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer – Helps gun-toting wizards shoot better.
6/10 Long Gunner Infantry – Basic troops with long rifles, groups of 6 or 10.
2 Long Gunner Infantry Officer & Standard – Makes Long Gunners better.
5/8 Precursor Knights – Holy knights who can’t be attacked with magic, groups of 6 0r 10.
2 Precursor Knight Officer & Standard – Makes Precusor Knights betteer.
5 Rangers – Group of 6 dudes who can scout the enemy.
7/11 Storm Lances – Cavalry with electrical lances. Groups of 3 or 5.
5 Stormblade Infantry – Heavily armored dudes with big electrical swords. Group of 6.
3 Stormblade Infantry Officer & Standard – Makes Stormblades better.
1 Stormblade Infantry Gunner – Stormblade with a big electrical cannon.
6/9 Stormguard – Heavily armored dudes with electrical pole arms, group of 6 or 10.
4/6 Sword Knights – Knights who are good at attacking robots, group of 6 or 10.
2 Sword Knight Officer & Standard – Makes Sword Knights better.
6/10 Trencher Infantry – Soldiers who can dig fox holes and shoot, group of 6 or 10.
3 Trencher Infantry Officer & Sniper – Makes Trenchers better.
3 Trencher Cannon Crew – Cannon that blasts enemies from afar.
2 Trencher Chain Gun Crew – Big gatling gun manned by Trenchers.
6/10 Trencher Commandos – Stealthy dudes with guns, knives and grenades, group of 6 or 10
1 Trencher Commander Scattergunner – Hangs out with Trencher Commandos, has a shotgun.
1 Trencher Infantry Rifle Grenadier – Hangs out with Trenchers, has grenade launcher.
2/3 Field Mechaniks – Mechanic and his helpers fix robots, group of 4 or 6.
4 Black 13th Gun Mage Strike Team – Group of three character gun-toting wizards.

2 Gun Mage Captain Adept – Gun-toting wizard who runs off on his own.
3 Journeyman Warcaster – Leader in training, can also control robots; accident prone.
1 Stormsmith Stormcaller – Wizard who calls down lightning to zap enemies.
2 Stormsmith Storm Tower – Wizard with a helper who shoots lightning at his foes.
2 Squire – Brave Little Toaster that helps leaders.
2 Trencher Master Gunner – Helps Trenchers.
3 Capt. Maxwell Finn – Inspires Trenchers and makes them better.
5 Maj. Katherine Laddermore – Cavalry leader, makes Storm Lances better, can fight if she gets knocked off her horse.
2 Capt. Arlan Strangeways – Master mechanik, can make robots better.


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