Project Shiba: Behind the scenes

October 15, 2010

Hey, it’s been awhile!

I’ve been busy with plenty of painting projects and I’m actually to a point where I can write about them. A few of you may have heard about Project Shiba, in which I painted up an Ashlynn d’Elysse battlegroup as described here. After Ep6 of Lost Hemisphere Radio, in which MenothJohn describes an Ashlynn-led Highborn force, I got it into my head to paint up a battlegroup for him to help get the army started. I had started work on a Vanguard conversion, had a Nomad conversion, a Mangler and was able to acquire a custom-built Ashlynn model. It was just a matter of getting it painted and delivered.

So, what I’ve got for this space are the work-in-progress shots that show how Shiba came together.


Testing the color scheme on the Vanguard.



After metallics, basecoats were Gun Corps Brown and Exile Blue.



Hammerfall Khaki and Beaten Purple.



A "character" Vanguard needs character... in the form of a flag.



Merywyn the Vanguard, at the ready.



Mangler gets the same treatment with Gun Corps Brown and Exile Blue.



Bringing the colors up.



Highlights... Sanguine Base over the Beaten Purple.



The 'jacks all get Llaelese freehand.



Ashlynn conversion: Ashlynn torso and arms; Daughter of the Flame legs; Gravus cape. Thanks Adam!






And a gun in this hand...



The cape was very fun to paint. Oh, and I didn't paint her as a blond. 😉



By some miracle, Ashlynn's actually looking down the blade.



This was the "player to be named later" — a surprise addition to the battlegroup.



Ironclad boiler added to the Nomad.



The Nomad just might be my favorite paint job in the bunch.



Project Shiba takes the battlefield!



Kaelyssa meets the Nomad. Their first date did not go so well.


So there ya have it, a fairly incomplete look at Project Shiba behind the scenes. If you’re interested in hearing about Shiba’s first battle, check out Lost Hemisphere Radio’s Ep13.

Assuming I have my stuff together, I’ll get pics of my Angry Elves in this space too. 🙂


Resurgence, brotherscott style

January 19, 2010

I have to admit I am very happy MK II Warmachine is here. The cards come out this week, and there is even a midnight release at the FLGS (Favorite Local Game Store). I will wait until Wednesday to get my Mercenary deck. Wait. I said Mercenary. What is going on with the Protectorate player? Well, I like Mercenaries as well.They offer a fun option, and when you win with Mercs, the victory just seems that much sweeter.

This is what I have come up with:

Magnus the Traitor (Most Wanted)


-Renegade (Zach)

-Renegade (Tom)

Steelhead Halberdiers (10)

Steelhead Heavy Cavalry (3)

24 out of 25 points.

The Renegades cost 1 less each, and since I have two units of Steelheads, the Halberdiers get Advanced Move, as well as being able to place a large base and two small based wreck markers prior to army set up and starting with Magnus’ upkeep spells on models in his battlegroup.

I have a pretty good idea of how this will all work, One Renegade will get Snipe (+4′ RNG), and the Mangler will get Temper Metal (+2 ARm, immune to continuous effects). Blur ends up on the Steelheads to protect them from ranged attacks, and the Heavy Cav will either back the Halberdiers up or provide a flanking force, depending on what I face across the table.  In the games I have played Magnus has held up reasonably well, but I know there are players and armies I am not going to like facing, so I do not think I have an over the top list, I just have options.

Moving up to 35 points, I am looking at filling out the Heavy Cavalry and adding a minimum unit of Boomhowler & Company. Since Resurgence is a Prime release event, only character and character units from Prime (Boomhowler & Co., Eiryss, Reinholdt, and Herne & Jonne) will be allowed in the 25 and 35 point levels. Not a huge advantage, but I am looking to their medium bases to block line of sight to Magnus, and for them to be more of a second wave/ bodyguard unit for the boss.

Up at the 50 point level, I fill out Boomhowler & Co., add Stannis Brocker, and a Mule. I think this gives me a lot of flexibility, and allows for me to play timed turns without a lot of rushing (limiting mistakes). The Mule is there to back up the Mangler, and to have a place for Snipe to go after the Renagades have shot their Obliterator Rockets.

We will see how it all shakes down on Sunday.

Magnus will forgo the Talon to include another Renagade to help Zach the Renegade.

Tom, the second Renegade, thus making the Renegades of Funk.

I could field a fully painted army if I can get Stannis and the Cavalry painted this week. No promises, but I will see what I can do.

Thanks for checking in-


Oh no you didn’t…

April 5, 2009


In case you missed it on the forums, this is the Merc theme song. From the Mercenaries 2 video game. I like it. Probably a little too much. 😉

I’m a full-fledged Merc player with one win under her belt. It looked like it was going to be a loss in a tight game, but Master Holt saved my ass and shot eIrusk in the face. Granted, Ashlynn and my gun bunnies helped, but in the end, it was the boy toy himself who capped the Khadoran old man.

The “oh no” part of this post is to say I bought a Legion army the other day. Or rather, I’ve traded for it. I feel a little dirty, but not really. Frankly, I’m probably going to keep just a small portion of it and use the rest for trade bait.

Yeah, I know I don’t really need another army. But it was a good deal and I get to help out a friend.

No, I don’t know when I’m going to get anything painted. Once the Bright Pinks are done, it’s all commissions all the time. Which makes me both happy and sad.

But wait, there’s more!

March 30, 2009

Yup, needed more banners!


Pick a contract, play a game…

March 30, 2009


That’s right, I’m doing it for money now. It was only a matter of time.

I decided Saturday night that I wanted to play Mercs for Summer Rampage this year. I didn’t do SR last year and can’t remember what I used two years ago. It was Cygnar or Protectorate.

That all changes, starting now.

I’ve proudly worn the Cygnus on my profile on the PP boards. This afternoon, after some thought, I changed it to Mercs. The Cygnus will return, once I’ve learned how to win with Mercs. Mike has pwned me for three months now, including a 750-point doubleheader on Friday. I need to do something to change the way I think and the way I play. I’ve become predictable and don’t try different models or combinations. 

Time for a fundamental shift in the way I approach Warmachine.

I have a ton of models for Highborn Covenant and plenty for Four Star Syndicate. I can even field a decent Magnus Agenda. I’m lacking Searforge models, but have access to Highshields and Forgeguard. I can use all things Steelheads as well, though I will contract out the assembly of the Halberdiers when I get them. I hate those fuckers with a burning passion from the depths of Ur Caen. Oh sure, I can paint the shit out of em, but since these will be my models, they’ll become astronauts if I assemble them. I guarantee it.

I’ll start out with Highborn, since it’s all stuff I can use with Cygnar. I love Ashlynn, Fiona and Bart. I’ve got a fun Gorten list too (thank you iBodger!). Naturally, I have enough jacks to get things done. I just need to get models assembled. Here’s hoping it’s slow at work this week. 

Summer Rampage is the main reason for the switch — the first Mk II book will be based on which faction wins. So over in the Merc forums, there’s already an effort to get organized for this summer. Right now, we’ve got 5 or 6 at the LGS who are on board with this. Between now and July or August, our numbers should grow.

Pick a contract and play a game. And while you’re at it, throw in your support for a Steelhead Warcaster!

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