Set in stone

December 6, 2010

Captain Stompypants, Smasher of Hunger. He was going to be a one-off until I read the rules for Cassius the Oathkeeper.

It’s been another long lapse since the last post in this space. So when I received a request on Twitter to come up with a how-to for the sandstone I’m using for my burgeoning Circle Orboros army, I really couldn’t say no.

Out of the hundreds of minis I’ve painted, this really is one of my favorite color schemes. Very few of my armies follow the studio scheme; I’ve always gotta do something different. And Circle is no exception. No green or gray for me; sandstone and orange for the constructs, autumnal browns and oranges for forest/tree walkers. It’s a different palette for me and so far, it’s challenged me as a painter and forced me to come up with new ways to do things.

Since the one model I have in progress doesn’t have any stone work on it, I chose one of my resin bases for the tutorial. Four colors, one wash and about 5 minutes gets some pretty solid results.

Resin base, black primer

Basecoat the rock with Bloodstone. If you're painting a construct, you'll want to drybrush for a rougher, non-uniform look.

Drybrush the textured surface. You'll want to let the black primer shaded the recesses for you. Don't worry about being messy!

Drybrush everything with Gun Corps Brown. This is your first layer of highlight, so don't go too heavy. On a model with well-defined edges like a Wold Guardian, you'll want to make sure the highlights are visible, but not too heavy. Two more layers to go.

Drybrush with Moldy Ochre. Try not to completely cover the highlights you just did.

Final highlight: Menoth White Base. This should be your lightest, most well-defined edge.

Wash heavily with Citadel Ogryn Flesh wash. Yes, I realize this is a product from that “other company.” But since the wash is reddish, it's going to unify all four of those colors and blend everything together. We'll talk about other washes to use in a bit.

Final step: Paint the rim of the base black. Done!

If you didn’t want your stone to have a reddish hue, Citadel’s Gryphonne Sepia wash is a nice warm sepia (duh) tone. For a dirtier, grittier look, Devlan Mud is a fantastic wash that will dirty up the most pristine looking models. It’s actually what I washed all of my Cygnar with. We’ll have to revisit washes, inks and glazes in another installment. There are a lot of tips and tricks my buddies and I have discovered and they’re too good not to share.

As for the Circle force I’m working on, it’s mostly models that are a part of Cassius’ theme. I haven’t picked up everything I need to build it, so I had to substitute some models for painting purposes. The crew back in Boise is running a slow-grow painting league and I figured I’d paint along even though I won’t be able to get any league games in. If there’s one thing the 100-point painting challenge taught me, it’s the importance of structure and VERY attainable goals when painting an army.

So here’s what I’m working on for the next month or so:

Army Name: Circle SG 15
Circle Orboros
15+6 points, 12 models
Cassius the Oathkeeper  +6 points
* Wurmwood, Tree of Fate
* Gnarlhorn Satyr  8 points
Shifting Stones  2 points
* Stone Keeper  1 point
3 Warpborn Skinwalkers  5 points
Wolf Lord Morraig  5 points

The jump to 25 points will be an easy one — Megalith. He’ll be a good candidate for a step-by-step tutorial, assuming my train hasn’t jumped the tracks by then!

Wyatt, Doc, Virgil, Morgan and Stompypants. Still debating if the Shifting Stone crew will get fancy bases or not.

Wyatt. He regulated on some dwarves not too long ago. He should've killed more of the stunty bastards.

Doc? Is that you? Are you really gonna be my Huckleberry? Or is this Morgan or Virgil? Yeah, they all look alike...


Citadel washes: Asurmen Blue & Badab Black

March 27, 2009

At long last, a painting-related update!

Since Saeryn was on the March Challenge list and I was using two more Citadel washes on her, I figured it was as good a time as any for anther step-by-step. The bad thing is, after building a new light box, I realize how shitty the pics are. So my apologies.

The amazing thing about these washes is that I really put them on thick — especially the black over the metallics and I still like the way they turned out. Using the blue over Frost Bite makes it so quick and easy to paint the studio scheme for Legion. It’s not 100% the same way Privateer does it (theirs has less blue), but it works for my client, and much like painting white, it eliminates a layer or two.

Anyway, hope this was helpful. I’ll eventually work through the whole line. An these step-by-steps will have a new home — not killing this blog, but have another one in the works. 😉

Citadel Wash: Gryphonne Sepia

March 19, 2009

There have been a number of questions on the Privateer forums about the effectiveness of the Citadel washes and how they differ from inks. 

I really didn’t care for anything from the Citadel or GW line until recently. I was given a ton of old Citadel and GW paints and inks and washes when a friend moved to New York. Being curious, I tried out the old Citadel Armour Wash. It quickly became one of my favorites on the painting table. I added Future Floor Wax to it and I was in love.

The Citadel Washes have been out for a few months now. They smell horrible, taste even worse but provide some of the best results of any product I’ve used recently. Straight out of the pot, it’s essentially “Shading for Dummies.” They save me time, they work, you can layer them and they’re very, very easy to work with. Aside from the smell. But take a look for yourselves.

For the way I paint, the washes eliminate a stage in the process. The way I used to paint cloth this color was:

  1. Menoth White Base
  2. Ink wash
  3. Menoth White Base
  4. Menoth White Highlight 
  5. Morrow White

By using the washes, the process is now:

  1. Menoth White Highlight
  2. Gryphonne Sepia
  3. Menoth White Highlight
  4. (Morrow White) 

I don’t always add the final highlight, but Grissel is a warlock, so they get a little bit extra. Eventually, I’ll go through all of the Citadel Washes and post similar progressions.

Hope that helps!

~ Jen

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